You're here!

We are so thrilled to be able to share all the good news of The Gut Tribe with you as we get ready to open it up to the world.

The Gut Tribe is THE place for you to learn why the health of you gut matters, how optimizing it will change your life, and receive the support that is essential to this very emotional and layered experience.

You will be taught. You will be encouraged.

You will guide the other members and receive their guidance in return.

You will not be alone in this journey.

You are seen and will be met exactly where you are.

Why you can be excited to join

The Gut Tribe waitlist:

  • You get first dibs on the Founding Member pricing that will be offered ONLY FOR THE FIRST MONTH AFTER THE GUT TRIBE OPENS. And never again after that!

(this is a $100/month savings btw...)

  • You'll get a handful of additional emails from me with resources you can put to use while you're waiting for the good stuff to start.

(I promise just 1 or 2...MAYBE 3 if I have some extra love to share!)

  • You'll be added to Strata's general email list so you have access to the weekly newsletters and have a way to connect and communicate with me if you would like!

(I love getting responses from my emails!)

You are wanted here. You are welcome here.

Exactly as you are. Wherever in the journey you find yourself.

Thank you for being here and I cannot WAIT to pour all the goodness of gut healing that I have right back into you!

See you soon!

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